Domingos Tótora

There may be no artist who demonstrates sustainability as wholly as Domingos Tótora. Born in a mountainous region of Brazil, he studied design in São Paulo before returning to his home city of Maria da Fé where its undulating landscapes, waterways, and rock formations inspire his life's work as a sculptor of curvilinear furniture and objects of art. Domingos’ designs are the recipient of multiple international sustainability awards.

Domingos' passion for nature and authenticity compelled him to conceive a fascinating and laborious process that emulates the cycle of life. He begins with cardboard near the end of its functional purpose, reducing it to pulp. The material is then blended with soil and water, hand sculpted into new forms, and baked in natural sunlight. Using no dyes, the pieces reflect the indigenous variety of the soil colors in his land. The sculptures, vessels, and furniture are both inspired and formed from earth, water, and sun. Domingos' masterworks have journeyed full circle, narrating the story of a sustainable earth without uttering a single word. To feature a Domingos friso wall hanging, vase, or seating in your project makes a powerfully loud, yet silent statement of a sustainable earth and the entirety of the cycle of life.