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Cana Lamp Honored as Interior Design’s Best of Year Finalist

Cana Lamp coming to market in 2019.

As important as the function of a design, so is the emotion the object brings with other layers of meaning. Designer Guilherme Wentz's goal is that the emotion in the design is as essential as the function itself and that it exists as an organic object, without symmetry, or a rigid formality. He strives to connect Brazil’s relaxed tropical lifestyle to luxury and minimalism. “I try to bring lightness and simplicity to my designs…casualness most interests me," Guilherme says, "There is a casual—yet complex to explain—lifestyle in Brazil and it is expressed in my work in a very subtle way.”

The Importance of Knowing Guilherme Wentz
Guilherme Wentz was twice recognized as a rising star and leads his own global brand. See  Guilherme's designs .

Guilherme Wentz was twice recognized as a rising star and leads his own global brand. See Guilherme's designs.

August 27, 2018
By Stephen Witte

Guilherme Wentz decided after two years at university that a business degree wasn’t for him. Born the second son of a couple making their living in a southern Brazil factory town, his pursuit of a steady career in business appeared certain. Except in telling his parents about going for a design major, he was the one who got the shock, not mom and dad.

“My father told me, ‘Maybe you thought you should do the same work your brother and I have been doing, but I always thought you should take a creative role,’” said Mr. Wentz. “He knew me better than I knew myself then.” His parents’ support hasn’t wavered since.

The boy who would become the disruptor prince of Brazil’s design establishment did the usual childhood things. Only his drawings gave a clue. Read more...

How Brazilian Furniture Designers Carved Out Their Distinctly Modern Aesthetic
 Corda Lamps  by Guilherme Wentz

 Corda Lamps by Guilherme Wentz

Interior Design
June 29, 2018
by Laura Fisher Kaiser

“You are all pioneers,” diplomat Sérgio Amaral exclaimed on a recent spring afternoon in Washington. Standing in the grand drawing room of his official residence, a neoclassical mansion on Embassy Row by John Russell Pope, the soft-spoken Brazilian ambassador to the U.S. was surrounded by furniture designers, importers, gallery owners, and scholars, who had all gathered for Brazilian Design Week, kicked off with a keynote speech by Interior Design editor in chief Cindy Allen. What Amaral meant was that after almost a century, the world is finally catching up to these champions of Brazilian design, a movement that is now claiming its place in the Modernist pantheon. Read more...