amsterdam table

amsterdam table


The Netherlands city steeped in rich architectural history is famous for the luxurious gabled brick buildings lining her crisscrossing canals. Dating from 1306, through the Dutch Golden Age, and into the 21st century, the capital city of Amsterdam is a living gallery of modern mixed with Renaissance and the baroque. Italian, Roman, Dutch functionalist, traditionalist, it’s all there. With a nod to this great city, the Amsterdam table offers clean lines with geometric angles cut into its base and legs.

Modern table by Aristeu Pires made of Brazilian wood. Available in wood, glass, or Corian® top.

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Table dimensions: 75cm (30") H
Round top:
100cm ø (39.5") 
120cm ø (47.5")

Oval/Pill top:
140x80cm (55.5"x31.5") 
200x100cm (79"x39.5") 
260x120cm (102.5"x47.5")

Square/Rectangle top:
100x100cm (39.5"x39.5") 
160x100cm (63"x39.5") 
180x100cm (71"x39.5") 
240x100cm (94.5"x39.5") 
300x100cm (118"x39.5")

Jequitibá Stains (indoor):

Jequitibá Analine Stains (indoor):

Louro Freijó Stains (indoor):

Louro Freijó Wood (outdoor):

Corians (indoor/outdoor):