ana lounge chair

ana lounge chair


lounge chair
39.1" H   29.4" W   33.8" D   19.5" SH   20.9" AH
20.4" H   27.5" W   16.8" D

Raindrops throb against window glass on a cloudy day, autumn chill compelling folks to seek shelter indoors. Ana is arguably the best chair for enjoying the indoors without slumping into a slacker’s posture. The intent of her design is the ultimate lounge chair for watching television (dare she admit?) or relaxing in a lodge for animated conversation following a day of open-air snowboarding or fly fishing. Ana supports a fatigued neck in a healthy, proper upright position for hours of comfort. Think of an upright hammock that holds you firmly in every way. If you skip yoga, she’ll make up for it by facilitating your upright, proper, but easygoing posture. Your vertebrae, ligaments, fascia, muscles will stand up and cheer for long term comfort and support she proffers.

Plush and fully encased in soft, high-grade leather, Ana is a dream and superlatively supportive of her occupant’s spine and neck. Modern lounge chair by Aristeu Pires with a hand finished wood frame, upholstered in a blend of foam and polyfill. 

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