duda stool

duda stool


Starting List: $1,310

counter stool   32.1" H   19.6" W   19.1" D   24" SH
barstool   38" H   19.6" W   19.6" D   29.9" SH


Duda would do anything for you. She’s as dependable as they come; just take a glance at her sturdy solid wood construction. Duda is unpretentious, happy to simply scoot under the table or counter, and her soft seat welcomes you to stay for hours. But that bend in her back always reminds you of her quirky personality. If you ask, she’ll tell you childhood stories of running barefoot in the warm sunshine under Araucaria trees. That’s Duda, the new friend who already feels like an old friend.

Modern stool by Aristeu Pires crafted with solid wood features an ergonomically designed backrest to ensure comfort and style. Available in counter stool and barstool heights.

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