gisele lounge chair

gisele lounge chair


List Price (lounge chair): $2,370 - $3,050
34.9" H   27.6" W   32.8" D   16.5" SH   21.3" AH

List Price (ottoman): $980 - $1,180
16.1" H   24.2" W   18.5" D


Daylight is dimming. Endless grassy hills fade gently into the blue of the sky. Gisele reclines on the hilltop with you, full of feminine charm, her raw cotton cording connecting lanky wooden limbs. It’s not hard to understand why this chair was named after the Brazilian supermodel—or was the model named after the chair? Rest in Gisele’s arms once, and you’ll never want to leave. Let her grace ease its way into your everyday routine. 

Modern lounge chair by Aristeu Pires handcrafted from sustainable Brazilian wood and wrapped in over 400 feet of raw cotton cord. Available in indoor and outdoor finishes.

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