julieta loveseat

julieta loveseat


27.55" H   49.21" W   22.44" D   18.97" SH

Loveseats are for lovers...or perhaps for compadres conspiring a getaway. With a supportive armrest on each end, Julieta’s occupants lean into the center, heads together, murmuring sweet nothings. In Portuguese she’s called a namoradeira, which means flirty girl. Julieta is flirty for sure, as she’s the spot for hours of sweet secrets and clandestine plotting. She has a platonic side as well: position her in standby mode as extra dinner seating, necessary when extending the dinner table for Thanksgiving or Passover meals.

Modern loveseat by Aristeu Pires handcrafted from sustainably harvested Brazilian hardwood wood.

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