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  •  Orders will be processed when all required paperwork and payment has been submitted, received and confirmed by Sossego Design LLC or its agents. The acceptance of a Sossego Design LLC sales order and receipt of full payment implies the automatic and unconditional acceptance of the sales order terms and conditions. We mutually agree that a facsimile and/or email signature shall be valid and binding as an original signature.

  •  For orders totaling $5,000 or less, payment shall be submitted in full, inclusive of any delivery fees and/or applicable taxes. For orders over $5,000 a 50% deposit shall be submitted to start the order and the balance, inclusive of all delivery fees, paid to release from factory. Payment is accepted via wire transfer, check, or ACH.

  • All check payments are to be made payable to Sossego Design LLC. Should a check be provided as payment, an order will be generated once funds have cleared. In the event of a returned check, a Not Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee of fifty dollars ($50) will be applied to the order.


  • All goods are custom made-to-order and non-returnable. Standard orders are not cancelable after three (3) calendar days from payment remittance. If an order is cancelled or amended within three (3) calendar days, a twenty five percent (25%) fee will apply. Quickship items may not be cancelled or amended once payment has been received.

  • Orders cannot be cancelled or amended once production has begun. Production refers to the acceptance and processing of a purchase order, the procurement, processing or manipulation of components and materials for said purchase order. Any changes made to a purchase order after its factory confirmation, either to production specifications or dimensions, may increase the lead time and alter pricing. No changes will be accepted after three (3) calendar days from payment remittance.

  • Change orders must be submitted in writing via current means available. Once received, reviewed and approved, a signed copy of the amended order must be provided to release production holds and move forward with the requested changes.


  •  All COM/COL requirements are issued in metric for solid, non-repeat coverings. It is the Purchaser's responsibility to provide the COM/COL specifics, confirm quantity requirements and measurement conversions, provide memo(s) for approval and ship approved COM/COL’s to the US address provided by Sossego Design LLC upon memo approval.

  • In the event of a covering with a repeat, the factory will take creative license to upholster the furniture as they see fit. Should this require additional COM/COL, it will be the Purchaser's responsibility to send additional quantity as expeditiously as possible, at cost to the Purchaser. Should the Purchaser wish to specify application of any COM/COL with a pattern, repeat or railroading, a drawing must accompany the signed purchase order. Please note additional quantities may be required than originally quoted.

  • It is the responsibility of the Purchaser, or Agent thereof, to inspect the COM/COL for discrepancies, flaws, damage, snags, stains or discoloration to the material prior to shipping to Sossego Design LLC. Sossego Design LLC will not be held responsible for said material if/when noted upon receipt into the factory, nor will Sossego Design LLC be held to previously quoted ship dates due to shipping delays or backorder of replacement COM/COL.

  •  In the event that a COM/COL is noted on your invoice, production will not begin until all materials are received by Sossego Design LLC. Structures will not be assembled prior to receipt of specified COM/COL.


  • Manufacturing times will vary in respect to each item, quantities requested and material availability. All quoted completion dates are estimates only and Sossego Design LLC will not be held liable for delays in production, shipment or default in delivery for any reason force majeure, or cause beyond manufacturer’s reasonable control.

  • Fabrication lead time of a standard order begins once the purchase order is submitted and confirmed with the manufacturing facility. Partial purchase orders missing information will not be accepted or processed by the factory.


  • Upon delivery, the Purchaser or a trusted agent shall immediately inspect merchandise received. By signing acceptance of the delivery from the carrier on the Bill of Lading or delivery ticket, the Purchaser acknowledges that the product(s) have been received in good condition. It is the Purchaser's responsibility to confirm all items will fit into access corridors, elevators, stairwells and hallways. Sossego Design LLC assumes no responsibility for Purchaser negligence in measuring said access prior to submitting payment and purchase order.

  • Sossego Design LLC will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet anticipated delivery dates, but shall not be held liable for any breach of contract or responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the Purchaser as a result of delivery delays.

  • Upon delivery, packaging must be inspected to ensure no damage occurred during transit. If a box appears to be damaged, it should be immediately opened and product inspected. Any apparent damage must be photographed and noted on the Bill of Lading prior to the delivery team leaving the premises. Sossego Design LLC will repair or replace any merchandise that is defective or damaged in transit. To request replacement or repair, the Purchaser must note visible damage on the Bill of Lading, photograph the damaged item, photograph the exterior and interior of the associated packaging material, retain packaging material and any additional evidence against the carrier, and notify Sossego in writing within 48 hours of receipt.

  • If storage is needed, Sossego Design LLC is willing to handle and store all product(s) for thirty days, complimentary. Delivery and Storage fees are assessed per item and will vary based on port of call. After the thirty day complimentary period, a four percent (or $200, whichever is greater) monthly storage fee of the merchandise list price will be assessed and must be paid prior to the merchandise being released and scheduled for delivery. Sossego Design LLC may store merchandise for a total of six months before further accommodations must be made.


  • Sossego Design LLC supports all manufacturer warranties. Literature outlining the warranty is available upon request.

  •  In the event that your merchandise develops a defect within the warranty period from the date of shipment, Sossego Design LLC must be notified in writing immediately, providing the invoice number and/or date of purchase. You also agree to let a representative or Agent of Sossego Design LLC to inspect the claimed defect or return the goods to us at Purchaser's cost, for examination. Should the manufacturer agree with your claim, they will either repair or replace the defective product.